Not far from the Parvati River in Northern India lies a wonderful little village in Himachal Pradesh. Sometimes referred to as the Amsterdam of India , Kasol Village is the ideal place to be for all who like to spend time walking across the wonders of nature.

When to visit Kasol Village

The humid subtropical climate of Kasol Village, provides a little amount of snowfall starting from the month of December right up to February. However, the best moments to visit Kasol are during the months of October and June.

The flavours and seasoning from Kasol

The large number of Israeli people present and living in Kasol, has also given birth to its other nickname which is the Mini Israel of India. These Israeli people have not only made Kasol their second village but have also succeeded in making their Israeli food very common and appreciated in Kasol. 

How to drive to Kasol

The tiny but wonderful village of Kasol offers more than one means of transport for its visitors and tourists. If you like bus riding, at Bhuntar, there is a bus service open from 8 am to 6 pm. You can also get a taxi at any time of the day. For the airplane lovers, the Kullu-Manali Airport is also available and functional.

What to see in Kasol Village?

Except you didn’t take the time to completely read about Kasol before taking the trip, you have to keep in mind that Kasol has a variety of wonderful natural landscape to explore. Its numerous trekking trails such as the Kheerganga, the Pin Parbati Pass, the Sar Pass as well as the Yanker Pass are adequate for trekking on foot or even by bicycle. You would also get the best of nature’s pine trees, cliffs, waterfalls and snow-capped mountain peaks still here at Kasol Village. The Manikaran Sahib as well as the Malana are also places in Kasol that won’t leave you unchanged.

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