One of the biggest touristic sites in the middle East, close to the famous Himalayas is the exotic and splendid Pangong Lake. It is found precisely 140 km away from Leh in Jammu and flows through a distance of 134 km long.

When to make the trip to Pangong Lake

If you want to get a perfect catch of this tremendous lake, then the best period of the year to make the trip is during the months of June, July, August and September. During these months you won’t experience the severe winter conditions nor visit the lake in a frozen state.

About its taste of food

If you are a lover of good food, around Pangong Lake, you won’t really have a very large choice to make. Most of the eateries which are found just close to the lake are quite expensive. In these homestays, the food is homemade, very delicious and at an affordable cost. To get to these homestays you just need to drive to Spangmik.

Accommodation offers near Pangong Lake

A trip to Pangong Lake is not just about its very attractive lake and the delicious homemade food. It is possible to stay quite close to the lake itself. The accommodation offers vary between costly hotels, inns, homestays, eco huts and even tents. In terms of hotels we have the Nalanda Ladakh Hotel with a tariff of Rs 3900 which is very spacious and beautiful with an exceptional European architecture. The Grand Himalaya Hotel with a tariff of Rs 7400, located in Leh with very luxurious rooms. The Pangong Inn with a tariff of Rs 3500 found very close to the Pangong Lake itself.

Interesting things to see while at Pangong Lake.

Visiting the Pangong Lake is not just about looking at its beautiful water that flows down the way. This natural site attracts alot of exotic birds and many tourists like taking photographs near the lake. The Pangong Lake is even an important spot where many Bollywood movies take place.

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