When we all hear about Buddha, we first think of India and its Asian culture. Here comes a wonderful demonstration of Lord Buddha in question. To get a glimpse and the proof of this historical myth, then fly down to Muchalinda Lake. 

At Bodhgaya, Bihar is a found a tremendous lake beyond all wonders. Right in the middle of this Muchalinda Lake is found a clay statue of Lord Buddha in a sited position. The myth behind this historical structure tells us that during the sixth week of his meditation, a very strong storm broke on Lord Buddha thus throwing heavy waves on him. And as amazing as it can be, the legend tells us further that during this severe storm, a Snake King called Muchalinda came out from nowhere to protect Lord Buddha who was meditating when the storm broke out. 

Up to present day, a passerby can see a Lord Buddha sitting on a very large coiled up snake in the middle of the lake. It is also said that this lake is sacred and has in its possession more than a thousand species of fishes which are very delicious with puffed rice.

Conditions about the visit to the Muchalinda Lake

If you don’t believe the legend, then whether its morning, afternoon or evening, it’s the perfect moment to go and admire Lord Buddha on the coiled giant snake. Don’t be afraid to come along with family members as the entry fee is just INR 20.

Where to spend the night near the Muchalinda Lake

This spectacular lake in Bodh Gaya has a very long list of beautiful hotels, more than 213 in number, ready to welcome tourists. Some of these hotels are Sukhdeo Palace,
Hotel Orchid Bodhgaya, The Imperial Bodhgaya, just to name a few.

The best eating spots near Muchalinda Lake

Probably this statue of Lord Buddha on the coiled giant snake would have got you hungry. No issues here are some of the best restaurants that you’ll love to comeback and enjoy the meals: Khushi Family Restaurant, Fusion Food Factory, Hari Om Cafe etc.

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