Geographically situated in central Europe, at the crossroad between North West Europe and the Atlantic Ocean, is the famous country of Pope John Paul II, also referred to as Rzeczpospolita Polska Ludowa, in the local language.

Apart from its capital city Warsaw, Poland has other interesting cities and monuments very much appreciated because of their historical architecture greatly influenced by the World War II. Such cities and historical monuments include Krakow, Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia, the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Wieliczka as well as the Malbork Castle.

The cost of living in Poland

Usually visitors to Europe know before hand that they have to spend alot during their trip. Its very easy to bring back home some good quality amber stone at an affordable price as well as other traditional handmade ceramic artworks from Poland.

The Polish taste of food and drinks

Home made food from Poland is very popular and appreciated by many. Highly characterised by the presence of meat in most of the popular meals. Some of these well renown Polish dishes are Bigos, Pierogi, Gołąbki, Żurek, Kotlet, Kiełbasa, Oscypek, Paczki and Sernik just to name a few.

The beautiful nature to gaze at in Poland

Not only is Poland generous in terms of the cost of living or its choice of meals, nature too has favoured Poland with a good number of attractive natural sites which include its mountains and forests with many national parks. Snow activities and hiking is also one of Poland’s best touristic activities.

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