The letter T in the name Triund stands for trek because if there’s one main reason why people go on trip to Triund in India, it’s to get a nice couple of hours walking through it’s wonderful hill land. Trekking is not just good for our health but it also helps us to stay connected with nature, to get a good breath of some fresh cool air coming directly from the hill and mountains of India.

Welcome to Triund, in the Himachal Pradesh state of the Kangra district in India.

As one takes this 2 to 3 hours trek through Triund, the first natural feature which is fast noticed is the snow-clad mountain commonly known as the Dhauladhar ranges. It is highly recommended to put on warm clothes as the place can get really cold due to the presence of snow. And for our trek lovers before starting the trip, you should know beforehand the type of trekking that awaits you. Here in Triund, you’ll go through forest trails which are highly characterized by steep ascents. However this shouldn’t frighten you because Triund is actually one of the easiest Himalayan treks.

After haven gone through the Dhauladhar ranges, now comes in the beautiful green valleys of Kangra which is recovered by lots of oak trees and rhododendron followed by the lovely melodies of songbirds that keep the trek warm and cheerful.

Trekking in Triund is not just about trekking, this wonderful Indian touristic site is also accompanied by mountain dogs and some very tasty food too. There are also a good number of tents in which any visitor could rest from time to time as he treks through Triund at his own pace. Close to Triund we also find a road transport system, a railway station as well as an airport too.

The best moments of the year to make the trip to Triund is during the months of March right up to May and also from September to December.

Picture credits for this blog goes to Alok Kumar. Thanks Alok for your contribution.

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