You might be hearing this name for the very first time but I bet you, after reading the following lines about this other beautiful natural site, you’ll remain perplexed and start booking to visit Lonavala as soon as possible.

What is Lonavala?

It’s all about another hill station not very far from Mumbai in India, more precisely in the Pune district. Lonavala, which means « a series of caves » in the local language, is located very close to a good number of caves such as the Bedsa Caves, Bhaja Caves and the Karla Caves. Other very attractive natural spots to visit in Lonavala include the Tungi Fort, the Lohagad Fort, the Andharban trek, the Della Adventure Park, the Rajmachi Park and its numerous hungry monkeys, the Lion’s Point, the Sunil’s Celebrity Museum as well as it’s green forest, dams, lakes and waterfalls.

What people like the most about Lonavala?

Obviously, it’s always interesting to look at new beautiful natural attractions. But nobody can resist good tasty food. If you’re a lover of sweet foodstuff, here in Lonavala, you are such to eat to your fullest. There’s this hard candy called « chikki ». It has a very sweet flavour and is made from a combination of different types of nuts and jaggery. Everybody in Lonavala loves chikki !

Other important aspects of Lonavala

Apart from the touristic aspect of Lonavala, it’s also important to take note of the fact that way back in the past, Lonavala had been part of the Yadava dynasty. In 1871, the hill of Lonavala had been discovered by a certain Lord Elphinstone.

Lonavala is also known for being the homeland of the INS Shivaji which is actually the Indian Navy’s Premier Technical Training Institute.

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