Trekking is one thing but trekking way through a handful of nature’s best views is more than one can expect. And that is the case with the Hampta Pass over the Himalayas. What makes it memorable is that on each side through the pass is a totally different view that you get to see. Meanwhile, you have the Kullu green valley with its beautiful flowers and forests and grasslands on one side, opposite is just the reverse, an empty landscape, clear of any thing.

Best time for a trekking adventure to the Hampta Pass

It’s always good to enjoy outside nature activities when the weather and climate are most favorable. As concerns the Hampta Pass, the best time to travel is between June and September. However, visitors should take note that in May, the snow is a little bit too much and hence, it’s quite difficult for trekking.

The panoply of nature to gaze at Hampta Pass

If you’re getting set to come over and trek through th Hampta Pass, its certainly because it’s one of the easiest amongst the many Himalayas treks. It has just a few stretches that are quite challenging. And no matter where you find yourself in India, the Hampta Pass is accessible by road, train and even through airplane. And once you land on the Hampta Pass, its Chandra Taal Lake or Lahaul Spiti Valley and even the Rohtang Valley are some of the wonderful places to admire the beauty of nature. We wont exclude the Hampta and Sethan village as well as the Himalayan Ranges nor the beautiful flowers and very interesting campsites.

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