Traveling is an adventure, and more if you are going to be on a safari, you will experience a lot of things normal people will never be able to see daily, but, the adventure starts when you begging packing. The first advice to keep in mind, do not pack a lot, having a lot of stuff to carry around can be a hustle, and more if you an inexperienced traveler, so keep it to the minimum, but without leaving behind the very basics.

So we are giving you a list of how are the items you want to have around to start your adventure. Keep reading to find more.

1. Never leave your documentation behind

As dumb as it seems, this is the first thing you need to have on hand, do not forget your identification documents, and make sure you have something safe to keep them, there is some really useful neck wallet to carry around this type of stuff, also they have space to save your phone, maybe a portable battery or even some medicine in case you need it. This a good example of the one you need it, take a look:

STEAMEDBUN Clear Jelly Wallet Transparent Bifold Neck Lanyard Wallets for Photocards

2. Color coding

Clothing is important in this type of situations, keep it down in terms of bright colors, since you want to blend a little onto nature here, we are visiting a place a little bit wild. Neon is a no, you might even get returned by your safari guide if he/she sees you with a very bright color.

For material choose cotton, is soft, fresh, and will help your skin breathe in hot weather, also try to use long sleeves, to avoid the harsh UV rays. This scarf we have here might be a comfy option for you:

THE BLAZZE 6PCS Outdoor Headscarves for ATV/UTV Riding, Seamless Bandanas Tube, High Elastic Headband with UV Resistance, Womens and Mens Headband Headwear Headwrap

3. Make sure to pack hiking shoe

You are going to walk a lot, a whole lot, so make sure you pack the right type of shoes to keep your feet safe, it is important to plan this as they would use a lot of space in your backpack.

You don’t have trekking shoes? Take a look at this, they may be the ones you need:

Bourge Men’s Loire-123 Running Shoes

4. Camera equipment

You want to capture everything that is happening out in nature, you can capture amazing things with proper equipment, make sure you have a couple of lenses, cleaning equipment to keep it up on top of performance, and also where to store it as soon as you finish using it. A good option for you right down below:

Uspech Shoulder Backpack to Carry DSLR SLR Lens Camera Bag  (Blue, Black 15.5 * 12 Inches)

5. Do not forget power banks

Or any type of charging device, it is essential to maintaining every device you have with you fully charge, make sure you have enough for you, maybe the people who are traveling with you. Make sure to have a few around to share. A great option for you is this one, take a close look:

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black) with 18W Fast Charging

6. Keep yourself dry

As we talked earlier, clothing is really important, so you want to be sure you are carrying around the perfect fit to match the weather you will encounter, in this case, we recommend having around a jacket that will keep outside the humidity. This one is affordable and really pretty, take a look:

Columbia Men’s Watertight Ii Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket

7. Plastic pouches

In case that some item gets get, clothing, shoes, or even if you just want to storage some leftover food for later, better organize your backpack and keep everything in order, you can add some plastic pouches. Easy to carry and store onto your backpack. And very handy for your adventure. You can purchase a big amount of them here:

VIBHU Plastic Zip Lock Pouch Bags (5 inch x 7 inch, 100 Pieces, Transparent)

And finally, the most important essential you need to carry around, a good sense of humor, happiness, and previous knowledge about the area you are going to be. Some cultures can find offensive some clothing items so make sure you do not carry something offensive with you around. On top of everything, have fun and enjoy your adventure!

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