Summer is hitting some places on the planet and is a lovely time to go out and enjoy some outdoor times. But you need to be protected, not even plants made it trough these harsh weather conditions.

You need to be prepared to go outside to go trekking, whenever the weather is preparation is a key point here. In humid or really hot conditions you might want to double the effort and have everything prepared.

Keep in mind everything you carry around needs to be useful, not much weight so you will be comfortable trekking. We are giving you a list of a couple of items you will find useful, take a look below.

1. Do You research

Talking about being prepared, the weather is something you need to know before hand. And even more, if you are going to do a trek up to the mountain, they can create a whole different one for their own.

If it starts to get too humid, you can encounter with downpours or thunderstorms. Keeping you warm and dry is a must on these occasions you need to have on hand a raincoat or anything that will isolate you from these unpredictable conditions. Attached here you will find the perfect option to keep you prepared for this:

Vision VIV Rain Coat for Men and Women’s 100% Water Proof/Packable Zipper Raincoat with Hood & Pocket, Blue Color (Large)

2. Pick your clothes like a pro

I know its hot, and you will be more prone to choose light clothes than use long sleeves and cover-up, but believe me, wearing a tank top is not the best option for you to go onto a mountain hike. Actually according to many sources (and personal experience) wearing a long sleeve is the best option.

A tip is wearing long sleeves and long pants, but make them loose, this type of fit will allow air circulation. Also, another good option is layering.

You can take as an example of people who raise camels and live in the desert. It is really hot and even tho they wear layers, long clothes, and cover-up. They may know what they are doing, right?

I will leave you a great option for you to choose a long sleeve over a thank top:

Quechua MH150 Women’s Long-Sleeve Mountain Hiking T-Shirt – Plum

3. Water is your best friend

Hydration is important, keep yourself on top of the game and maintaining a good amount of water or any kind of liquid with electrolytes with you. Pack even more of it, because you’ll never know if you make the wrong turn and end walking more of what you planned.

A pro tip, your body will be able to take only half a litter every hour, in an effective manner, so you can keep track of it using a marked water bottle, like the one we have here:

Izizi Glass Bottle With Silicone Sleeve 500Ml: Green

4. No electrolytes beverage available? Pack salty snacks.

Now we have water is needed, that is important to restore your fluids, but you are not restoring electrolytes, so if you are not able to find another source you can relly on carrying around salty snacks, potassium and sodium are the ones you want to keep on top. Having snacks with complex calories, like a lot of them, will maintain those levels. Also please avoid sweets and too sugary drinks. These are tasty and a really good option:

Snackible Assorted Chips Trio Combo Pack Of Brown Rice Popped Chips (100gm), Herbs And Cheese Pita Chips (75gm) And Spiced Ragi Chips (180gm) | Pack of 3

5. Pack some extras

Socks, sunscreen, bug spray, are important. Please don’t forget to pack them and have them around as you will need them at some point. -humid conditions, a lot of sunlight, and vegetation will make things a little bit tricky.

But do not worry about it, just be sure you bring along with you all you need.

And to pack them and have them organized you will want to have some help, here you have a few pouches to store everything in place:

MINISO Travel Storage Bags Multi-Functional Packages Travel Packing Pouches Luggage Organizer Pouch,8.7 * 5.9 * 1.4 inches,PINK

Keep in mind there is a lot of ways to go onto a trek, you just need to explore and know your options, pack all you think it would work for you, and step out of your door. Be sure you will be safe, and have a lot of fun. And remember, you just need an idea coming out your head to create your adventure.

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