Going on a new adventure? You need to be prepared to cover all your needs, and I think the most basic one is storage. With every backpack, you are carrying around is a new item to be concerned about, that’s why we are making a list of the very most needed items for a desertic area.

Having everything packed and safe will keep out of your mind so many issues, and you will be able to enjoy more of the terrific place you have in front of your eyes. We are bringing to you a couple of items to ensure you the best of the times, these backpack items are made specifically for desert areas, so take a look and choose the best one for you.

1. First kit aid:

This is a must, you need a band-aid? Covered, maybe you are having a little headache, pack some pain killers in this beautiful little red pack, is affordable, really easy to use, and necessary in any trip. Check down below to buy one.

Venja Polyester Multi-Function Large Medical First Aid Kit Storage Pouch

2. Tent and camping gear:

A tent is a must, you want to go back to a safe and comfortable place after a full day exploring, make sure you have everything on hand, maybe a tent with mesh panels will be the best option for a desertic area. You will be able to fit two people inside. View a great option here:

Egab Military Picnic Camping Portable Waterproof Dome Tent

3. Neck wallet

Make sure all your important information, like your passport, your ID, driver’s license, or any other valuables you might want to carry keys, and even your phone will be secured with this useful miniature backpack. This one is a magnificent option for you, take a look:

Nomade Passport Neck/Belt Wallet with RIFD Blocking Nylon Splash Proof

4. Portable charger

You want to maintain your phone and camera fully charged, they can be useful at any time, maybe your location, to keep you informed about the upcoming weather, or even just to take some amazing photos with them. What about a charger that is the size of a lipstick, really handy, really useful and you will never waste any space with it. This one is really pretty

Anker PowerCore A1109G11 5000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

5. Hydration pack

Keep yourself hydrated at all times, no matter what, this is crucial for you to be safe and healthy, and not only in the desert but on an everyday basis, so you have here a great option for you to carry around and never forget to have water. A camelback pack! Easy to take around all the time, you will never forget it in inconvenient places and will have both hands free to use. Check out this great option:

CamelBak 62522 Arete Hydration Pack, 22Liters

6. Replacement powders

This is a sodium mixture make onto powder which is easier to carry around, this power will provide you all the sodium and electrolytes you’ll need to keep you at your fullest.

One of the biggest concerns while you are traveling into a desertic area is dehydration, with a few of these you will be more than covered, you will avoid going onto a hyponatremia shock, and will keep your health on top. Check here to buy one,

Fast&Up Vitalize Mutivitamin Supplements, One daily with Natural Beetroot Extract for Men and Women

7. Long sleeves shirt made out of cotton

Besides covering up to the hard sun from the desert, a long sleeve will keep your temperature regulated. Moreover cotton is not the best material as it doesn’t dry fast enough, in this case, is perfect for the desert, just for the same reason. This is a great option for you.

Spunk Men’s T-Shirt

There you go, some of the most useful, most easy to find elements you will need to have on hand in your desertic adventure, make sure you will have also all you need to survive, enough food, water, and supplies, as well as bug repellent, sunscreen, and good company.

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