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a)  About our services: Our service is to provide platform to travellers across the world to share their travel experience & best clicks. We have taken up this initiative to promote travelling and also provide information about beautiful places around the world through blogs or through experience shared by travellers. We shall keep expanding our services and basis on that we shall also update on terms of use on regular basis.

b) Rights:

a. Right to rectify: An individual/organization has the right to rectify their content shared with us. Rectification can include having correction in the content shared to post on the website or requesting to add any additional information to be added in the post that was shared by an individual/organization. An individual/organization can only request for rectification in the post that was shared by them and not shared by any other individual/org. We shall communicate to confirm post the rectification has been done. Any request for rectification can be done at travel.apetite3003@gmail.com

b. Right to erasure: Individual/organization have the right to request that we erase or partially erase their posts.

i. Individual/organization can log the erasure request by sending email at travel.apetite3003@gmail.com

ii. Log the date on which the request was received;

iii. Confirm the identity of the data subject;

iv. Search our systems and erase the data within 30 days of receipt of the request;

v. Requesting party shall be notified post erasure of the post

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